Our Vision

A 'Unique to the Nation' Concept

The early explorers of Colorado and the American west inspired later generations in their relentless pursuit of the last and ultimate frontier — the frontier of flight. Indeed, ours is a heritage of legendary aerospace achievements. And it was from this rich heritage that Wings Over the Rockies emerged in 1994 as a portal to the skies and beyond; a place where persistent dreams of discovery can be made real.

Pursuing a bold new vision, we’ve launched our Wingspan Capital Campaign to build Exploration of Flight on a prime site at Centennial Airport in Englewood, Colorado, one of the nation’s most active general aviation airports. Exploration of Flight will provide a unique exploration of all dimensions of the flight experience — both within the earth’s atmosphere and in outer space.

Browse descriptions of the Blue Sky and Black Sky Galleries below.

We need your contributions and support to make this campus a reality!

Exploration of Flight Campus

Located roughly 19 miles south of our Air & Space Museum, Exploration of Flight is a 15-acre campus set on one of the busiest general aviation airports in the nation.

Blue Sky Gallery

The Blue Sky Gallery will be a dynamic flight-focused exploration center that will offer visitors interactive flight related experiences and exhibits. The facility will be housed on an active flight ramp at Centennial Airport which will give daily visitors, event attendees and gallery stakeholders a chance to participate in flight and flight related activities.

The Blue Sky Gallery will open to the public in Summer 2018.

Black Sky Gallery

Exploration of Flight’s Black Sky Gallery will be unlike any space center in the nation. Utilizing the latest exhibit and industry technology, the Black Sky Gallery will take visitors on an incredible journey through the solar system and beyond, illuminating the latest in space exploration.

The Black Sky Gallery will open to the public in 2019.

Videos of Our Supporters

  • Harrison Ford
  • Governor Hickenlooper
  • Teacher Shelly Jacobs
  • The Architect
  • Ari Weil
  • Astronaut Eileen Collins
  • Greg Anderson
  • Jeff Puckett
  • Tony Mayer